about us

who are we

We are an online baby clothing boutique with a passion for quality. We are an advocate for the the better of children’s lives around the world. We are an employer of single moms. We are dondolo!

the founding

When dondolo’s founder, Catalina Gonzalez, was pregnant with her first child, she was given the gift of a Peruvian cotton sleeper. She was immediately taken by the rich comfort of the fabric, but the item was intended for a three or four month old. Catalina went in search of Peruvian cotton clothing that would fit a newborn, but the only items she could find were made for older children and were found only in high-end department stores at very high prices. It was then that Catalina decided to form her own company so that she could bring the luxurious feel of Peruvian cotton to other mothers at a price they could afford.

dondolo believes that all children should be surrounded in love, warmth and comfort and we create our clothing with this in mind.

the fabric

dondolo uses Peruvian Pima cotton, known for its unusually long and silky fibers. This very comfortable natural fiber, along with only the most luxurious fabrics, provide a soft and tender touch to a baby’s gentle skin, as if a mother’s love is woven into each garment.

dondolo is an Italian word that means “to swing, wobble or rock.” Babies love to be rocked, they love to swing. The back and forth movement that a baby experiences within the mother’s womb is the same motion they crave once they are born into the world. There is a sense of peacefulness and happiness to the motion, and one need only visit a playground to see that children of all ages continue to enjoy the motion of swinging.

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