Our Purpose

When a child is born, there is a sense of unlimited hope born with them. Their future is yet to be written, but no child can write it alone. It takes food, shelter, clothing and nurturing to turn this seed of potential into an endless harvest of life.

At Dondolo, it is our mission to help provide one of the most basic needs to children by wrapping them in quality and timeless elegance. By creating high-quality, sophisticated clothing made from pima cotton, we are nurturing this innate sense of hope and providing a new sense of warmth to those who purchase our products. We feel, however, our customers are not the only ones who can benefit from this renewed hope.

Clothing is a basic necessity that many children around the world are denied. Therefore, we donate our clothing to children in need around the world every time a sale is made, so that they, too, will feel the warmth and quality from our apparel. By doing this, we believe we are giving mothers the chance to share their nurturing spirit beyond their own family.

By wrapping your child in simple elegance, you are wrapping the world with warmth and hope. Every sale that is made means another child is clothed in love. With Dondolo, we are giving mothers the chance to
nurture children they’ve never met. We are giving mothers that want the best for their children clothing that is woven with quality and tradition. By working with single mothers to carefully craft our clothing, we are changing the ways that mothers provide for their own children. We are
empowering motherhood.

Feel The Difference.