Dondolo creates high-quality, unique pieces with special care in the details of design. Each garment is thoughtfully made with ethical manufacturing, and with the purpose of supporting social causes that help mothers and children in need; making every piece even more special.

Story of the Brand

“I started Dondolo because I have always had a strong desire to give back, especially to children, mothers and their communities. In addition to that, I started Dondolo to explore and grow my creative side bringing to life detail-oriented designs.” 

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"Your spring line this year is probably the best line I've ever seen, for any brand. Every piece is absolutely gorgeous! Cannot get enough"

- @katiecookgodwin

"We are playing dress up every day!!!"

- Laura C Black

"I get so much joy in dressing my daughter in your beautiful clothes. My mom always made every day and occasion special. Beautiful clothes were always a part of that. I am always happy to support a company that values philanthropy and community service. Keep fighting the good fight!"

- Emily Thompson

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Dondolo Gives

At Dondolo we believe making a difference in the world starts with you.
Together, we are empowering motherhood!

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Dondolo Pop-Up Shop

*Grand Opening Friday, December 11th*

Inwood Village
(between Starbucks and Rise)

5350 West Lovers Ln, #127
Dallas, TX 75209
(469) 208-9840

Monday - Saturday, 10am - 5pm

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