About Dondolo

I started Dondolo because I have always had a strong desire to give back, especially to children, mothers and their communities. In addition to that, I started Dondolo to explore and grow my creative side bringing to life detail-oriented designs. The brand idea came after I had my first child, Santiago. I was enjoying every moment of my new role as a mother, but I felt something was missing. My desire to give love to my family and to those who may be in need was starting to flourish with this new chapter in my life. I felt a strong calling to do more.

My initial idea for Dondolo was a website that I could manage from home, selling layette products from Peru. Thanks to God and the amazing team I have always had by my side, my idea evolved into something much bigger.

Today, Dondolo is a luxury children’s clothing company that provides children with beautiful, heirloom-quality clothing made in Colombia. When a Dondolo purchase is made, funds from that purchase fuel new employment for mothers in Colombia through the ethical manufacturing of our products. These jobs create a safe place for mothers to thrive and allow them the crucial funds needed to better care for their children. With our Dondolo Gives Program, we are able to support mothers and their children within the community, which represents the heart and soul of the brand."

The reason we decided to use “Dondolo” as the name is because in Italian “Dondolo” means swing. And, the movement of the swing represents the idea of giving back; when you give love, it will always come back.”

Meet Our Staff

Carolina Moya

Brand Communications Manager

Mimsy Brewster

Sales & Marketing Manager

Lucia Rogers

Customer Relations & Creative Specialist

Catherine Hill

PR Account Executive

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