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DONDOLO GIVES AT THE GREAT CREATE: Giving back and making a difference through art.

Giving back and making a difference through art.

What an honor it was to extend our Dondolo Gives mission by supporting The Great Create, a yearly artistic event that transforms the Nasher Garden into an interactive, art-filled space for kids and families! This year’s event raised thousands of dollars to benefit the Nasher Sculpture Center, bolstering the museum’s efforts to provide outstanding education programs and impacting thousands of children and families. 

The Great Create Event was co-chaired by Dondolo Founder Catalina Gonzalez and her wonderful friend, Erica Denton.

 Catalina has always had a passion for giving back to the community. Ever since she was a little girl, she had the dream to do something for a greater cause. That’s why when she started Dondolo, she wanted to bring awareness and help people in underserved areas. 

When Catalina was asked to be a chair for this year’s event, she was so thrilled to mix two of her favorite things: art and giving back. 

“I got involved because I love art and I want to raise my children around art. The power art has in our society is that it changes how we feel and helps us express our feelings in a beautiful way,”  said Catalina.

Catalina notes her excitement to take on this role as co-chair stems from her desire for her boys to grow up in a place where they appreciate and are inspired by art. “It was so personally important to me to be able to bring that value that we have as a family to other families as well,” said Catalina. 

At the event, children got to put their hands to work in engaging projects led by incredible artists from North Texas and beyond, as well as enjoyed live entertainment. 

This year, Dondolo had a section for kids to put their creativity to the test by designing their own outfits using our fabrics! We loved seeing how much fun they had coloring and adding birds to our mural. 

Art is a universal language that brings people together. There was nothing more rewarding than to see families spend intentional time together and make memories while creating beautiful artwork. We are so grateful to have been a part of it! 



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