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How to Create an Heirloom Keepsake Box

How to Create an Heirloom Keepsake Box

Every cherished heirloom tells a precious story. Vintage clothing, a gifted piece of jewelry, a well-loved photograph, or an inherited set of china – heirloom pieces remind us of sweet memories with someone we love.

If you’re interested in preserving heirlooms and archiving mementos for your little ones, start by creating a physical treasure box that you can fill and curate with sentimental items over the years. I use a special box for each of my boys, personalized with their name. I absolutely love these custom keepsake trunks by our friends at Petite Keep!

Once you’ve chosen a keepsake box, identify items with meaning and decide which items you want to hold on to. A few questions you can ask yourself to help the process – does the item connect you to someone special? Is it linked to a family tradition? Does it tell the story of a life experience?

One of my favorite heirloom items is clothing because it brings back the sweetest memories of moments I want to remember forever. Growing up, my mom would sew and hand-embroider all our clothing – she even designed the sweetest newborn baby tops that me and my sisters wore home from the hospital! I kept these pieces, used them when my boys were born and eventually framed them.

Other cherished pieces include my sons’ baptism gowns gifted to me by mother-in-law, my Spanish Mantilla (a traditional Spanish veil I wore at my wedding), and my first communion dress hand-sewn by my mom – my dream is to have a baby girl who can wear it someday! These special moments and memories are exactly why I designed our new Heirloom Collection. The Heirloom Collection is a year-round offering for special occasions such as weddings, christenings, and family portraits. This collection is brimming with stunning Spanish laces, elegant European fabrics, fine hand-embroidery, and thoughtful details. I'm so excited to finally share this collection with you! 

Aside from clothing, my other favorite heirloom items include baby blankets, photographs, jewelry, family recipes and china. What are yours?

Just remember, heirlooms are less about the physical object and more about the sentimental value and emotional connection. Building an heirloom keepsake box takes time. It’s a thoughtful process but it’s not meant to be complicated – take it slow, enjoy the reminiscing and have fun!  

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