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In celebration of Women’s History Month, Dondolo is so excited to share the work and support amazing female photographers and the beautiful moments they capture!

Britt Jensen @brittjensenphoto

TIP #1: Early Morning. Most likely, your children are up and at 'em early in the morning, and after they have had something to eat, this is the best time to get outside and take some photos.

TIP #2: Create an Activity/Experience. Not many children like to sit and smile for photos for an extended period of time. To take the pressure off your kids and yourself, plan an activity around these photos. If you are on vacation, visit a local donut shop, grab some baskets and go shelling at the beach, pack your breakfast and a blanket and walk  to a pretty spot for a picnic breakfast.

TIP #3: Mix up the Camera Format. Don't just take all your photos on your phone. My favorite tip- order some disposable film cameras ahead of time. I recommend Fuji 400 Flash Cameras. They are lightweight and can easily fit in your beach tote.

TIP #4: Lighting. Chase the light. Find some beautiful shadows underneath the shade of a magnolia tree or your beach umbrella. End the day with that golden hour sunlight, for some beautiful soft colors and silhouettes.

TIP #5:  Hiring a Professional Photographer. Do your do-diligence and study their instagram/website to ensure their style aligns with your goals. Choose timeless clothing pieces that will look beautiful framed in your home for years to come.


Grace Wimpy @graceemilyphoto

TIP 1: Finding the BEST FIT photographer for your family the FIRST TIME is so important! When documenting your family, you do NOT want to chance it on an inexperienced photographer. Talent & experience are crucial.

TIP 2: If planning family outfits is a big stressor, then find a photographer that offers a client wardrobe: I personally know just how stressful it can be to coordinate outfits for family portraits! That's exactly why we offer a complimentary client wardrobe for moms and children up to size 4t. Our Dondolo pieces are by far our most popular styles that are loved by many clients.

TIP 3: Preparing Children: Be prepared during the session with your little one's favorite (non messy) snacks & water in a leak proof cup. Children may require breaks & having a favorite snack & toy is crucial. I find that technology-free toys are best, such as a small truck, book, rattle, etc are best for small breaks without overstimulating. Then, plan something special for after the session, like going for ice cream or another treat.

TIP 4:  Schedule session around children's schedule: This one is crucial! The last thing you want is sleepy or hungry kiddos during a session! Make sure you schedule a time that aligns with your family's schedule.

TIP 5:  Don't stress & have fun: You can best help by staying upbeat and excited regardless of what is happening with your children. Even if they are screaming, JUST KEEP SMILING!

Renee Streett @domusaureaportraits

TIP 1: Pre-session meal. Make sure everyone has eaten before the session (even a snack will do wonders). It’s amazing what a little food will do to help create good moods during a session. :)

TIP 2: Wardrobe. Start with mom’s outfit first. Dad and the kids are easy to dress but you want to make sure you aren’t scrambling the day of your session. If mom feels confident and beautiful, that makes all the difference.

TIP 3: Bribes (they work!). Sometimes all it takes is the promise of a trip to the toy store to get smiles from your children.

TIP 4:  Relax. This is a hard one but I know my favorite photos (of my own family and the ones of my clients) are when families just enjoy one another, make jokes, snuggle, etc.

TIP 5: Trust your photographer. I know that it’s stressful when your little one is having a meltdown. But trust that your photographer will get the shot. We do this all.the.time.

Jessie Roffer @jessierofferphotography

TIP 1: I highly recommend that mama gets her hair and makeup done just before the session! A little bit of pampering goes a long way.

TIP 2: Make sure your children have napped before the session. Additionally, please make sure they have eaten a meal or have had snacks prior to the start time. Bring water, snacks/ treats for during the session that won’t get hands and outfits messy- Think apple slices, raisins, cheese sticks, goldfish, and mini marshmallows.

TIP 3: Plan your outfits out 1-2 weeks prior to your session. The day before the session, lay out the outfits and make sure everything is pressed and ready to go.

TIP 4: Plan something fun to do after the session to celebrate, ex: family movie night, dinner out, ice cream, etc.

TIP 5: Family photo day is the time for cuddles, laughs, FUN, hand holding, tickles, and letting go of expectations (as hard as that is, trust me I know!) Embrace the chaos and trust that your photographer will capture the beautiful connection between you and your family.

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