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Dondolo x Neely & Chloe - Q&A With The Founders


Partnering with women-owned brands is the heart of Dondolo’s mission. Catalina finds inspiration and delight in this synergy. Once again, we collaborated with female talent, this time a sister duo, to offer our Dondolo Moms a functional, stylish product that enhances your lifestyle. Neely & Chloe is a brand rooted in quality design, leather, elegance and edge, with an eye for quality craftsmanship. Our shared passion resulted in a beautiful accessories collection and two thoughtfully designed new products.

We chatted with Neely & Chloe Founder Chloe Burch and Dondolo Founder Catalina Gonzalez to learn a little more about the collaboration process and their favorite pieces from the Dondolo x Neely & Chloe collection!


Can you share a few reasons why Dondolo x Neely & Chloe felt like the ideal collaboration?

CG: Since I first met Chloe and Neely at the Pencil and Paper Creative Club Conference in 2019, I felt we shared so many synergies and company values. Both our brands are passionate about creating quality designs and focusing on the details of our products.

CB: This collaboration felt so organic for us. Both our brands focus on creating high quality products, so it felt like a natural fit for us to work together. The designs, prints and silhouettes came together so seamlessly. Working with the Dondolo team was a dream! 


What was your favorite part of the collaboration process?

CG: My favorite part was sharing my 'mom' experience and insights with the Neely & Chloe team to design products that would encompass every stage of a woman’s life. We really selected each product with our mom’s needs top of mind. I also loved pulling inspiration from Neely’s weeding in beautiful Provence for the handbag prints and coordinating clothing line!

CB: Working together on the silhouettes was my favorite part. The Neely & Chloe customer has been asking for baby bags and products for a while now, so it was amazing to have the opportunity to work with a company who specializes in children’s designs.  


How do you imagine your customers using this collection?

 CG: This sleek, hardworking tote serves double duty as a work handbag as well as a diaper bag. It’s chic enough for the office while being lightweight and practical enough for a mom’s every day. The removable insert is perfect for all your storage needs – think everything from your laptop to make-up and diapers!

CB: As a "mom-to-be" (having a baby boy next month!) I am so excited to use these products to organize my new way of life. I know I am going to have a ton of new items to keep organized and this collection will help me do that, while looking chic at the same time! All the product is wipeable which is a must for me- nothing will get dirty or worn!


Which styles/pieces are you most excited to use in your day-to-day?

CG: The tote is one of my favorites! I recently used it to travel for spring break and love how functional it is – it’s lightweight and the long handles make it easy to carry! I also love the Mini Lady Bag – the perfect piece to take out to dinner.

CB: The tote, the diaper carry-all and the changing pad. These products are going to be an everyday "go-to" for me and my little man! When we made this product, we really thought about making the product functional AND beautiful – both are equally important!


Do you have any tips for fellow working moms and moms-to-be?

CG: Create a routine that works for you and your kids and stick to it! As a working mom, having a routine is so important for me and my children…it’s easier to get things done at work and around the house when you have a plan. However, it’s important to remember that things can always change – in those moments, be flexible and give yourself grace!

CB: Take things day by day! Some days you will need to be focused on work and some days more focused on your little one! Being able to balance and prioritize is so important. And don't be hard on yourself! Just do your best and do what makes you happy! 

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